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 Newly Appointed Abilities

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Newly Appointed Abilities Empty
PostSubject: Newly Appointed Abilities   Newly Appointed Abilities EmptyThu Jan 27, 2011 2:26 am

At the origin of every character you will have to determine which single ability you would prefer to possess

Ability One= $1,000 Dollars in Roleplay currency included with your occupasional income.

Ability Two= 50% off your medicial bills once you confront your demise at one point in the not so distant future.

Ability Three= Leap over the gap between Weapon class One to Weapon class Three, Which also includes a $750 Dollar discount off every weapon class you desire to obtain.

Ability Four= You will Receive a bestowed Residence of your choosing under the price of 6,000, free of charge.

Ability Five= Burglarize establishments in half the original duration.
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Newly Appointed Abilities
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