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 Presidential Elections

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Presidential Elections Empty
PostSubject: Presidential Elections   Presidential Elections EmptyTue Oct 12, 2010 1:58 am

Presidential Elections are on Saturday!!!!

The Elected Presidents can create laws, taxes, declare war, also form a Military.
If you are elected, you will receive a High Powered Pistola for ''Protection purposes''
When your Term is up you will be Relieved of your ''Presidential Weapon''
Also one of the ''benefits'' of being a president, is that your character can not die in your Nation.
The Presidential term is concluded every Eight Roleplays.

Requirements of a President

1.The President must attend every Roleplay.

2.If the president was to make a certain individual Wanted, He must first report to allah for verification of the charges.

3.The President is required to appoint an Ambassador to represent Him and the faction's Citizens. To discuss and manage relations, Treaties & Diplomatic Solutions and to resolve Conflicts between both Factions.....

Presidential Elections Uncle-Sam-I-Want-You
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Presidential Elections
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