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 Quests and Gang Hideouts

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PostSubject: Quests and Gang Hideouts   Mon Oct 11, 2010 2:45 am

I have initiated ''Quests'' and ''Gang hideouts'' for everyone to do instead of waiting around for Random events.
You can do any of these at anytime, After your done notify me with a text message.

Quests and Gang Hideouts

Quests are things you can do to Achieve Fame & Money , Here are the current quests.

Complete all the Hunting Grounds $1,500

Stay alive as Public Enemy for 10 minutes-Reward $10,000

Kill the Public Enemy-Reward $5,000

Win the Battle Royal-Reward $5,000 & The Fastest Gun in the West Title.

Complete and Survive every Gang Hideout-Reward 20,000 & The Legend Title.

Gang Hideouts can reward you with money, You have 2 lives when you start the Hideout. If you run out of lives you dont get Rewarded for completing the Hideout. The more Dangerous the Gang hideout the more money you can recieve.

This is the gang hideout list

Pike Basin (High) Reward $4,000

Twin Rocks (Low) Reward $1,000

Gaptooth Reach (High) Reward $6,000

Tumbleweed (Medium) Reward $3,500

Fort Mercer (Medium) Reward $2,500

Nosalida (Medium) Reward $5,000

Tesero Azul (High) Reward $7,000

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Quests and Gang Hideouts
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