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 Welcome to Mexico

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Welcome to Mexico Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to Mexico   Welcome to Mexico EmptyFri Oct 08, 2010 1:39 am

Welcome to Mexico!!!! Where the Grass is green and The girls are far from pretty. Also Known as ''Paradise''

Starting next week, Mexico will officially be a Faction. You will be able to purchase property all over mexico,
Since mexico is just opening up, There going to need a few citizens to establish a Goverment.
Also the Mexican Goverment will need a ''Presidente''
When the Mexican borders open there will be Presidential election.
So next Saturday you ''The People'' will be at liberty to decide your citizenship Between the two Factions.
Either you want to be a Mexican Citizen or a American Citizen, The choice is yours........

cheers Jose Cuervo For Presidente cheers
Welcome to Mexico Vote-el-presidente-tropico3-small1

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Welcome to Mexico
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