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 The Captains Choice

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The Cappi


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PostSubject: The Captains Choice   Tue Oct 05, 2010 8:43 pm

Do you ever feel like you need a day off, like your Hoe's don't get off your back?

Well Your In Luck!

Hello, My Name Is David Harris, I own The Captains Choice down in good old Theives Landing. Ever feel like you need a day off? is your Brazilian imported hoe's giving you trouble?

YOUR IN LUCK!!!! Down at The Captains Choice you can stay there for only $100 confederate a night! We've got everything, hoes, rooms, music. And Best of all we cater to anybody (I deem worthy) for Free!

So if You wish to contact me please do so via telegram, P.O. Box 911.
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The Captains Choice
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