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 Bennett Oil

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PostSubject: Bennett Oil   Bennett Oil EmptyMon Sep 06, 2010 12:01 am

''Bennett Oil'' is a Prestigious and Growing Oil Company, Looking for Clients And for More potential Employees.
Don't worry if your Ever In a ''Sticky Situation'' or Need ''A Pair of hands '' You know who to call, Bennett Oil!
If your a Client of Bennett Oil, Your definitely in ''Good Hands'' they are the Best in the Business.
They Keep proving there selfs In are ''Hearts'' and in the ''In the Field''....
So Remember, If your ever need a Drum of Oil or want to be apart of the Bennett Oil ''Family'' Then Call this number 867-5309 Or you can Go to Bennett Oil's Place of business Which is Located In Rio Bravo,East of Benedict Point.

Bennett Oil's motto is "Straight Answers, Winning Results". The Oil Company lives up to this motto by having friendly, highly competent employees who do their best to give each client the type of service they would expect from their own friends and families.

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Bennett Oil
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